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XC Ski

Fischer RCR Classic Cold NIS
$399.99 - $749.99 $699.99 - $749.99 Up to 43% Off
A ski with World Cup experience: the RCS Classic is very close to its big brother. Tried and tested, this ski is an excellent choice for sporty, ambitious skiers. The Cold model is used in temperatures below -2°C. ART.NO.N18715 SIDECUT41-44-44 CONSTRUCTION812 SKI COREAir Core Carbon SIZES187-207 STAMP812 WEIGHT1.090g/197cm BASE / CLIMBING ZONEWC Cold / Wax
Fischer RCS Skate Cold Hole
New: the proven winners' ski with World Cup experience is now also available as a Hole Ski. The pendulum motion is reduced and less effort is required as a result. Thanks to this top technology the RCS is particularly close to its big brother. The Cold model is used in temperatures below -2°C. ART.NO.N16815 SIDECUT41-44-44 CONSTRUCTION115 SKI COREAir Core Carbon SIZES177-192 STAMP15 WEIGHT1.090g/187cm BASE / CLIMBING ZONEWC Cold
Fischer RCS Carbonlite Skate Women's
$543.99 - $679.99 $679.99 Up to 20% Off
With its perfect adaptation to the female anatomy this light RACE CODE model is sensational. Thanks to World Cup technologies and breathable Triple-F membrane this boot guarantees top performance and ultra-efficient, comfortable in-boot climate.
Fischer RCR Zero Plus 202
-Fischer RCR Zero Plus NIS. -Same Sidecut and base as RCS/Carbonlite with Aircore Basalight construction. -Prewaxed and DTG World Cup Plus Grind for all snow conditions. -Computer Flex Control ensures closely paired skis. 187-207cm -Soft/Med & Med/Stiff flexes
Fischer RCR Skate
$464.99 - $509.99
The safe choice for every ski marathon: with this World Cup sidecut and base the ski also comes up trumps over long distances. So you are fully prepared for all snow conditions. ART.NO.N21815 SIDECUT41-44-44 WEIGHT1.190g/187cm BASE / CLIMBING ZONEWC Plus SIZES172-192 CONSTRUCTION115 SKI COREAir Core Basalite Pro
Salomon Equipe RC Hard Medium
$349.99 - $469.99
Version: Med/Hard Type: Classic Waxable Sidecut: 44/44/44 Sizes: 188/196/201/206 Weight: 1040g
Salomon Equipe RS Hard Medium
The EQUIPE RS combines the key snow specific benefits of each S-LAB Skate models but uses forgiving and lightweight D-Carbon core for improved ease of use and stability. With its versatile camber, World Cup ZEOLIT base and structure, the RS ensures a fast glide in all conditions. Side Cut: 44/43/44 Weight: 1.04 Version: Med/Hard
Fischer RCR Classic 197
One of the popular alternatives to the World Cup models: the RCR Classic is ideal as a classic wax model for the challenges of a ski marathon. Now there is nothing to stop you from competing in your first races. SIDECUT: 41-44-44 WEIGHT: 1.190g/197cm BASE/CLIMBING ZONE: WC Plus / Wax CONSTRUCTION: 812 SKI CORE: Air Core Basalite Pro Technologies: FINISH FIRST The finishing touch now comes from Finish First: the term that covers and unites all the individual technological steps in the course of the final treatment of the base. DTG WORLD CUP UNIVERSAL Universal structure, ideal for changing conditions. Produced using a natural diamond. PREWAXED Infrared preparation with fluoride-content hot wax. Best gliding properties, protection against dirt and oxidation. Powered by Swix. CLASSIC 812 Race ski construction with long, dynamic wax pocket pattern for minimum wax loss through friction. Ideal for: cold conditions and dry wax conditions. PRECISION PAIRING SYSTEM The next generation in ski pairing: fully automatic dynamic measurements of a multitude of pairing criteria ensures precise ski choice and optimised pairing. COMPUTER FLEX CONTROL For racers. Minimises differences in residual tension and camber pressure. Top climbing and kick performance. POWER EDGE Reinforced ski chassis ensures longer service life. Homogeneous pressure distribution ensures uniform wax wear. AIR CORE BASALITE PRO Extremely lightweight and torsion-free construction with highly stable sidewalls. Volcanic basalt fibres for minimum weight and perfect flex characteristics regardless of temperature.
Atomic Redster C7 Skintec
The C7 was our first Redster Skintec ski launched in 2011, and for 2018 we’ve tweaked this ever-popular training ski to make it even better. We’ve taken away the magnets used in the older version of Skintec so it’s 20% lighter. The SDS camber construction and Skintec give you a perfect kick and glide – with your kick zone kept away from the snow in the glide phase but easy to compress during the kick. And it’s also super easy to exchange the skins yourself, with the choice of a universal skin (pre-set on the ski) or a speed skin with better glide properties thanks to a race-weaving with longer, smoother hair.
Fischer Twin Skin Pro NIS
High-grade skin ski with fantastic performance for ambitious hobby skiers. Two skin strips arranged in slightly offset positions and with variable base-depth integration result in smooth and harmonious gliding. The 70% mohair gives you real grip, above all in icy conditions. ART.NO.N26916 SIDECUT41-44-44 WEIGHT1.330g/197cm BASE / CLIMBING ZONEWC Pro / Twin Skin SIZES182-207 CONSTRUCTION812 SKI COREAir Tec Basalite Please Note: Bindings not included
Fischer RCS Carbonlite Classic
$391.99 $489.99 20% Off
The extremely lightweight RACE CODE classic Carbonlite top model from Fischer's racing department stands out through its World Cup technologies. Thanks to the breathable Triple-F membrane the boot also ensures your feet stay warm and dry inside the boot.
Fischer Supreme Wax EF
$382.99 $478.99 20% Off
New top model for climbing wax fans with a sophisticated appearance and race-like performance. New: Efficient Forward gives the body of the ski a previously unattained elasticity which motivates the sporty, ambitious skier to achieve top performances thanks to a forgiving kick action and an easy-going skiing experience. ART.NO.N39816 SIDECUT46-42-44 SKI COREAir Core Basalite SIZES179-204 WEIGHT1.220g/194cm BASE / CLIMBING ZONEWC Pro / Wax
Fischer RCS Skate
The high-quality alternatives to the World Cup models: so you are best equipped for all snow conditions. The SCS Skate is also a trusty companion on your first ski marathon. ART.NO.N24115 SIDECUT41-44-44 WEIGHT1.270g/187cm BASE / CLIMBING ZONEWC Pro SIZES172-192 CONSTRUCTION115 SKI COREAir Core Basalite Pro
Fischer RCR Classic VASA
$329.99 $464.99 29% Off
One of the popular alternatives to the World Cup models: the RCR Classic is ideal as a classic wax model for the challenges of a ski marathon. Now there is nothing to stop you from competing in your first races. ART.NO.N22615 SIDECUT41-44-44 WEIGHT1.190g/197cm BASE / CLIMBING ZONEWC Plus / Wax SIZES187-207 CONSTRUCTION812 SKI COREAir Core Basalite Pro Please note: Bindings not included.
Salomon RC Prolink
RC PROLINK delivers high performance combined with a generous fit that is ideal for race-minded trainers and endurance skiers. With superior heel-hold, RC PROLINK helps you get the most energy out of every kick. And a thermoformable Custom Fit liner, combined with dissociated quicklace adjustment, ensures precise, personalized comfort that will let you extend your training missions. Compatible with Prolink®, NNN® and Turnamic® bindings.
Salomon RS Carbon
$303.99 $379.99 20% Off
High performance skate boot with unmacthed comfort, chosen for its performance. Designed For - Power - Transmission - All-Day Fit
Salomon RS 8 Skate X-stiff
Unisex, stable, versatile, high performance skating ski for new racers and endurance trainers. EASY TO SKI Powered camber offers outstanding stability and power. FAST G4 Racing base. LIGHTWEIGHT Densolite core is light and durable. WEIGHT 1.27 SIDECUT 42/44/43/45 VERSION extrastiff WEIGHT SAMPLE SIZE 1.27 WEIGHT SAMPLE SIZE (UNIT OF MEASURE) KG
Salomon Equipe 8 Classic
Equipe 8 Classic offers glide like a race ski, with easier kick and added stability. Weight - 1250 Type - Classic Waxable Ski Construction - Heel Toe camber Core - Densolite 3000 Base - G4 Base Rental specific - Tail protector
Salomon Equipe 8 Vitane Classic
Fast, light and easy to ski optimized for women. Type: CLASSIC Side Cut: 44/43/44 Weight: 1.25
Salomon Pro Combi Pilot
$268.99 - $278.99
Affordable racing boot for both skating and classic styles. High performance without compromise due to a torsionally stiff heel and cuff combined with a flexible forefoot. New graphic to match the world cup boots. Designed For - Classic/Skate - Comfort - Versatility
Fischer CRS Classic VASA
$269.99 $309.99 13% Off
Because recreational skiers are also perfectly entitled to place high requirements on their equipment: the wax ski for all snow conditions which ensures a safe kick action and fun on the track. SIDECUT: 41-44-44 WEIGHT: 1.330g/197cm BASE/CLIMBING ZONE: WC Pro / Wax CONSTRUCTION: 812 SKI CORE: Air Core Basalite
Fischer Superlite Wax
$269.99 $384.99 30% Off
A lightly sidecut, easy handling ski with race-type construction for training, loppet and long-distance fun. Lightweight aircore basalight construction is durable and provides torsional ridgidity. Short cut camber puts clear separation between kick and glide phases, directing efficient energy into each move. The camber pocket collapses uniformly for gripping, and instantly releases to permit long, smooth gliding. High-molecular-weight sintered bases with waxable finish. Final finish creates a race-ready base
Salomon RS8 Prolink
RS8 PROLINK combines superior comfort with an Energyzer cuff for powerful yet progressive lateral support. It's a great choice for enthusiasts who want proven performance and value. Compatible with Prolink®, NNN® and Turnamic® bindings.
Atomic Pro C2 Skintec
Prepping and handling the Atomic Pro C2 Skintec couldn’t be easier thanks to its Skintec technology. There’s no need for kick-waxing – instead Mohair grip zones produce excellent kick and glide in all snow conditions and temperatures. And you can replace the grip zone after heavy wear. Then we’ve added a high-quality base, Race grinding, a sportive sidecut and a flexible tip for an easy slide-in and glide. This year we’ve also given the series a facelift with a cool new design for the track.
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