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Swix Quantum Four
Whether you're an avid cross-country tourer or training for the Birkebeiner, these light, durable composite poles have you covered. The ergonomic handle is covered with natural cork grip, with an index for your index finger. Swix's Triac Connection System features a hand-shaped strap with no hard spots for maximum comfort and power transmission, and the super-lightweight basket can be easily switched, glue-free. Made of stiff carbon composite. Polymer handle is covered with natural cork for a sure, comfortable grip. Hand-shaped strap is free of hard spots and ensures maximum power transfer. Lightweight baskets can be easily swapped. Weight: 384g (155cm) Ideal for Cross-country skiing Pole material: Carbon fibre blend Grip material: Synthetic + Cork Made in Lithuania
Salomon Escape Alu Pole
ESCAPE ALU is lightweight, comfortable and reliable. The durable aluminum shaft is ready for years of skiing.
Salomon Escape Outpath Poles
If you're stepping off the beaten path, the Salomon Escape Outpath Cross Country Ski Poles are the sticks you'll want to complement your stride. With EVA extended grips, extra wide touring straps, and extra wide touring baskets, you'll be breaking trail without breaking your stride. A light, reliable composite pole with adjustable height made for touring adventures. It features a comfortable grip and all-conditions basket. All the flexibility and reliability you need to tour the mountains.
Salomon Escape Sport Pole
ESCAPE SPORT is a lightweight composite pole for performance touring. BENEFITS Sporty strap Wide, comfortable strap for maximum comfort skiing Comfort EVA Grip feels great in the hands Lightness Lightweight composite shaft delivers performance and value TECHNOLOGIES SHAFT Composite 16/11 This composite shaft has a 16mm diameter at the top and tapers down to 11mm near the tip. GRIP EVA Escape EVA performance grip. STRAP Powerstrap The easily adjustable, precisely fitting strap providing you with enhanced performance. Touring A larger basket for more floatation in powder. The perfect fit for shafts with a 11mm diameter tip. Steel
STC X600
$29.99 - $31.99
STC X600 - 100% Fiberglass Pole Brand new for 2021, STC Poles are made in Russia and are a killer budget option for a durable, stiff pair of poles. Ideal for master skiers, high school athletes, and for rollerskiing.
Rundle Instinct Pole
Instinct is a great high performance pole for racers on a budget. A hybrid construction of standard carbon fiber and high modulus carbon fiber creates a great stiffness to weight ratio. Like all Rundle poles, Instinct poles include Rundle quick change baskets, comfortable straps, and real cork handles. DETAILS -100% carbon fiber shafts (standard modulus and high modulus) -69g/m shaft weight -336g/pair at 160cm -16mm upper diameter, 10mm lower diameter -Includes Rundle quick change basket system -Includes real cork handles made with recycled plastic -Includes high quality straps
Rundle Pole Straps - Canada
Rundle straps are comfortable, durable, and were designed with feedback from dozens of top Canadian racers and coaches.
Rundle Pulse Poles
Pulse is Rundle's best value pole for serious racers and avid ski enthusiasts. Pulse's carbon layup is mostly high modulus carbon fiber for excellent stiffness. At 64g/m, the shafts have a swing weight approaching World Cup level shafts. DETAILS -100% carbon fiber shafts (mostly high modulus) -64g/m shaft weight -320g/pair at 160cm -16mm upper diameter, 10mm lower diameter -Includes Rundle quick change basket system -Includes real cork handles made with recycled plastic -Includes high quality straps
Rundle Volt Pole
Volt is designed for young racers and ski enthusiasts who prioritize value and benefit most from low swing weight. The shafts are 100% carbon fiber to ensure great strength and a high stiffness to weight ratio. Rundle's quick change baskets come installed for maximum convenience, and the handles are constructed with real cork. Volt is an instant winner for parents buying performance poles for their young athletes and ski enthusiasts buying their first pair of high quality poles. DETAILS -100% carbon fiber shafts (standard modulus) -71g/m shaft weight -342g/pair at 160cm -16mm upper diameter, 10mm lower diameter -Includes Rundle quick change basket system -Includes real cork handles made with recycled plastic -Includes high quality straps
Rex Altus Pole
A good touring pole with a 30% carbon shaft. Easy to adjust hand strap. Sport basket with a durable metal tip. FEATURES Rx Sport Cork handles for added comfort and warmth. Standard 16mm handle diameter. Rx Sport Velcro Straps (Size Medium/Large come standard) Rx 10.0mm Sport baskets suitible for groomed trails
Rex Astra Sport Pole
Astra is a very durable pole with 40% carbon shaft. That makes it ideal for ski rental use. It has a warm cork handle and sport basket with a hard metal tip. Lengths 120-170 / 5 cm.
Rex Omega Touring Poles
A basic touring pole for occasional use with adjustable, biathlon type strap. Lengths 120-155 / 5 cm
Rex R2 Racing Pole
Top racing pole with a 100% High Modulus carbon shaft. Enough stiffness for all users even in high lengths. lenghts 130 – 175 / 2,5 cm. Sold in a set.
Rex Vega Touring Pole
$59.99 - $73.99
Touring pole with strong carbon shaft AND good price value. Suitable also for rental shop use. Lengths 120-165 / 5 cm
Rex Zenith Sport Pole
Zenith is a perfect choice for active skier. Strong shaft with 80% carbon gives enough stiffness for skating use. It has a comfortable and warm cork handle. Lengths 120-170 / 5 cm.
Peltonen Metsä Backcountry Pole
Carbon fiber reinforced ski pole for deep snow. Thermo handle. Basket width 14 cm. Lenghts 120-160 cm/5 cm.
Atomic Pro Carbon QRS
Atomic Pro Carbon QRS is a 3* carbon pole giving you professional performance without the price-tag. It comes with our QRS Quick Release System for your strap. We’ve capped it with the same cork grip and Power Strap Lite as our Redster racing models for great hold and power transmission. It’s tipped with the same high-grade tungsten for durability, and now it also comes with exchangeable baskets –small for hardpack to large for pow. TECH FEATURES 3* Carbon Pole Technology QRS - Quick Release System Exchangeable Basket QRS Nordic Cork Grip (2K) Power Strap Lite Wolfram Tip
Atomic Redster Ultra QRS
The new Atomic Redster Carbon Ultra is our best cross-country race pole. Because every gram counts when you’re racing, we’ve made the shaft with 6* Carbon Pole Technology so it’s super rigid but you’ll barely feel its weight. It comes with QRS, our Quick Release System for your strap. We’ve capped it with a cork grip and Power Strap Lite for perfect hold, and tipped it with a racing basket and high-grade tungsten for unrivalled durability. There’s no lighter, stronger or more efficient way to get your power down. 6* Carbon Pole Technology Power Strap Lite QRS - Quick Release System QRS Nordic Cork Grip (2K) Exchangeable Basket Wolfram Tip
Atomic Savor Poles
Atomic Savor does what all good touring gear should do: save energy. 3* high-grade aluminum makes it lightweight and stiff for easy, efficient movement. It has a new Power Strap Lite that helps you transfer more power into the snow on the flat or when you’re climbing, and the EVA foam grip is soft and comfortable. Every little helps when the going gets tough!
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