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Bike Clearance

Havoc Black Grip Tape with Logo
$7.49 - $9.99 $9.99 Up To 25% Savings
Havoc Grip Tape is very gritty for long lasting grip.
Havoc Bolt Grip Tape
$7.49 $9.99 25% Savings
Chilli Scooters Global Grip Tape
$9.74 $12.99 25% Savings
One of the strongest grip tape in the scooter industry Designed by riders for riders Real grip that will help you to stay on your deck Please have an authorized dealer install it for you *** No refunds or exchange on used or installed grip tape*** Chilli Pro Grip tape 21 x 5 inches "Global“ Grade 8 (Grippy)
Chilli Scooters Scoot Or Die Grip Tape
$9.74 $12.99 25% Savings
One of the strongest grip tape in the scooter industry Designed by riders for riders Real grip that will help you to stay on your deck Chilli Pro Grip tape 21 x 5 inches „Scoot or Die“ Grade 8 (Grippy) One of the strongest grip tape in the scooter industry Designed by riders for riders Real grip that will help you to stay on your deck Please have an authorized dealer install it for you
Lucky EVO Art Grip Tape
$9.74 $12.99 25% Savings
Material: Silicone Carbide - 3M adhesive backing Sizing: 4.5" x 22" (114mm x 559mm) Artist: Shogo Oto
Lucky Grippertape Logo
$9.74 $12.99 25% Savings
Lucky Repeat Gripper Tape
$9.74 $12.99 25% Savings
Lucky DUBL Pro Scooter Clamp
$18.74 - $24.99 $24.99 Up To 25% Savings
The Lucky 2018 DUBL™ Clamp is a lightweight and creatively designed pro scooter clamp. We start with the best 6000 series aircraft aluminum and CNC machine it to final specs. We drilled the bolt holes extra deep to avoid stripping and use top of the line hardened bolts. Two M6 SHCS Bolts included SPECS Material: 6061 aluminum T6 Finish: Anodized (Black, Blue, Gunmetal, Red, Polished) Height: 1.125” (29mm) Weight: 2.4 Ounces (60g) Bar Compatibility: Oversized 1 3/8" (Standard 1 1/4" bar requires the use of a shim) Hardware: Two M6 SHCS Bolts included UPGRADE PATH
North Frickin Foot Fender
$18.74 - $29.99 $24.99 - $29.99 Up To 25% Savings
Use this instead of a Break for a great look, A nice place to rest your foot. Without creating those flat spots (this is not a break its a fender) Tall enough for 120mm wheels
North CLAMP Hammer SCS 4 Bolt
$41.24 - $54.99 $54.99 Up To 25% Savings
NORTH SCOOTERS HAMMER SCS 4 BOLT CLAMP IN SCOOTERS CLAMPS - CLAMPS This bright colorful clamp is an awesome way to jazz up current set up. With its incredible detail and fun colours you will be the envy of all riders out there. Fits Standared or oversized bars (comes witha shim) SCS Compression
$74.99 - $99.99 $99.99 Up To 25% Savings
Havoc’s Riot Bars are made with HCS Chromoly which means its Strong and Lightweight and the new dimensions of 24” by 24” give you the versatility to cut these bars to any height or width you want. The oversized tubing make the bars compatible with any oversized components on the market.
Miele Runway
$107.09 $118.99 10% Savings
Frame: Light Miele 6061 Alloy Fork: Durable Hiten Steel Stem: Steel 22.2mm Quill Typer 32mm Handlebar: Steel 50mm Rise Spokes: UCP Rims: Alloy 12' Tires: (RR/FR): 12 x 1.75 Saddle: Miele Jr with seatpost integrated Extra: Bell, Stem Padding
Miele BL
$107.99 $119.99 10% Savings
**Bike picture may not exactly represent the actual product. Please visit in-store for details.
Miele Runway
$112.49 $124.99 10% Savings
Your little one will learn balance quicker than ever with Miele's Runway. It uses a sturdy steel frame with a a low standover height so they have plenty of room to use their feet to propel themselves. The comfy seat lets them sit down and coast when up to speed. The 12-inch wheels makes this a perfect bike to introduce your child to the wonderful world of bicycling.
Miele Bambino 120
$121.49 - $125.09 $134.99 - $138.99 Up To 10% Savings
Evo Explorer AL Balance Bike
$125.99 $139.99 10% Savings
- Alloy frame balance bike - Foam rubber tires don’t require tubes or pumping - Removable assist handle makes guiding the rider much easier
Miele Bambino 120
$134.99 $149.99 10% Savings
A great first bike, Miele's Bambino 120 is a cool way to get kids started. Its sturdy steel frame makes pedaling easy, and the quality construction ensures you'll be able to hand this rig down. Plus, the comfortable saddle, grippy 12-inch tires, easy-to-use coaster brake, and strong steel training wheels make the Bambino 120 fun to learn on.
Evo Beep Beep
$143.99 $159.99 10% Savings
Watch out world! The best time to master balance is right on the heels of when your child first learns it. The Beep Beep balance bike helps your child learn bike balance and young as 18 months old, all without the inference of pedals.
Miele Bambino 140
$148.49 $164.99 10% Savings
The Miele Bambino 140 is a perfect first bike or a step-up from a smaller bike. Equipped with both a coaster brake and removable training wheels, this 14-inch wheeled bike gives young riders the stability and control to build confidence and skills. The sturdy steel frame has low standover to fit smaller riders, so kids can begin to experience the fun and adventure only found on two wheels.
Miele BAMBINO 160
$156.59 $173.99 10% Savings
Giant Pre Push Bike
$161.99 $179.99 10% Savings
TWO WHEELS, TONS OF FUN. WATCH THEM DEVELOP BALANCE AND CONFIDENCE WITH THIS EASY-TO-RIDE LEARNERS BIKE. With a lightweight aluminum frame that’s designed with a low standover height, Pre inspires young riders to get rolling. Made with 12-inch wheels and a quick-adjust saddle, it’s the perfect way to begin their cycling adventures.
Miele Bambino 160
$170.99 $189.99 10% Savings
Let your little star become a cycling star with Miele's Bambino 160. This 16-inch bike features a rugged steel frame adorned with durable components designed to handle all the crazy maneuvers they are sure to put it through. Sure-stopping coaster and rear V-pull brakes make sure they can slow it down when the time comes.
Cube Cubie 120
$179.09 $198.99 10% Savings
The Cubie 120 is the perfect way or kids to jump into the world of bikes. It's also - despite its simple appearance - stacked with useful details. A special handlebar setup - with integrated steering angle limiter - helps prevent accidents caused by trying to steer too enthusiastically. We even integrated a carrying handle into the seat, so that parents can scoop up the Cubie 120 and carry it easily when their child's adventurous spirit has wanted. Proper pneumatic tyres provide comfort, roll easily and make the ride fun. As for the lack of brakes... well, experience shows that kids this young don't have the finger strength and coordination required to brake safely. That's why this is a bike that's both propelled and stopped by your child's feet. It's the ideal way to discover the fine art of balancing, build confidence and generate enthusiasm for life on two wheels.
Lucky Crew Pro Scooter
$186.99 - $219.99 $219.99 Up To 15% Savings
Introducing the 2018 CREW™ - Learn your first tricks and become part of the CREW! The 2018 CREW is the most affordable scooter we offer and features all new Chromoly Kink Bar and New 110mm wheels suited for freestyle riding! Fully upgradable, the CREW is compatible with Lucky’s entire aftermarket lineup. With abundant options, this scooter is perfect to grow with any young riders size and abilities.
Giant Pudd'n
$197.99 $219.99 10% Savings
Giant's Pudd’n has a durable aluminum frame and a low stand-over height for easy mounting and dismounting. The pneumatic tires ride great and pedal easy. Plus, the Pudd’n stops quick and sure thanks to the foot-brake. This cool bike comes with sturdy training wheels, a basket, bell and a pad set, too.
Miele Pazzino 201
$215.09 $238.99 10% Savings
Get your little one Miele's Pazzino 201 and watch 'em take off. It boasts a super-strong steel frame and fork built to handle all the bumps and jumps kids can dish out, while a Shimano 6-speed drivetrain with an easy-to-use twist shifter helps them keep up with you on rides. Other noteworthy goodies include fast-rolling tires, grippy V-brakes with levers made for small hands, and a chain guide to keep the chain in place.
Giant Animator C/B 12
$224.99 - $249.99 $249.99 Up To 10% Savings
THE CYCLING LIFE STARTS HERE. ANIMATOR MAKES IT EASY TO GET ROLLING, AND IT'S BUILT TOUGH FOR NEIGHBOURHOOD ADVENTURES. Available with 12 or 16-inch wheels and removable training wheels, this is an express ticket to fun and freedom. The graphics get him going, the lightweight aluminum frame will keep things rolling.
Giant Adore C/B 12 LIGHT BLUE 12
$233.99 $259.99 10% Savings
HER FIRST TWO-WHEELER. ONE OF LIFE’S GREAT EXPERIENCES. STABLE, SAFE AND FUN, THE COLORFUL ADORE MAKES IT EASY. Small on size, big on fun. Removable training wheels, a lightweight aluminum frame, 12- or 16-inch wheels and fun new colors make this the perfect learning bike. -Lightweight Lightweight and durable ALUXX-grade butted aluminum frame -Innovative high-strength thermoformed polymer fork provides dramatic weight savings -Easy to use singlespeed drivetrain with a coaster brake -Integrated chainguard for clean, safe riding -Training wheels, bell, basket, and handlebar streamers -Size: 12” wheel
Liv Adore 16
$242.09 $268.99 10% Savings
Her first two-wheeler. One of life’s great experiences, the colorful Liv Adore 16 makes it easy. It is small on size and big on fun. A lightweight aluminum frame with a low stand-over height, 16-inch wheels, coaster brake and fun colors make Adore the perfect riding companion for driveway and beyond. A protective chainguard keeps clothing and fingers out of harm’s way. Removable training wheels let her progress when the time is right. The colorful basket is the perfect place to carry her favorite toy.
Giant Animator C/B 16
$242.10 $269.00 10% Savings
Nothing beats the feeling of your first two-wheeler. Animator makes memories that young riders never forget. Available with 16-inch wheels and removable training wheels, this is an express ticket to fun and freedom. The graphics will get him going, and the lightweight aluminum frame is built tough for neighborhood adventures.
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