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Argon 18 Dark Matter
Hit the dirt. Hit it fast. Go way off the beaten path with this gravel racer featuring a true road race-inspired geometry derived from Argon 18’s legendary race bikes. It may be more stable, it may sport big tires, yet the Dark Matter is so responsive that it will change the gravel bike game forever. Some will blaze the trail; on the Dark Matter, you will torch it.
Argon 18 E-117 TRI
For those who are ready to join this rare breed of triathletes, the E-117 is your launch pad. The E-117 is the perfect entry-level bike for those in serious training, and with serious sights on a half Ironman™. Get out there. Join the club. Push yourself to the limits and discover a stronger, faster you.
Argon 18 Gallium CS Disc 105
The Thoroughbred With the same race-ready handling and geometry as the Gallium Pro, the Gallium Disc showcases our painstaking attention to detail in all aspects of our layup and performance testing. Stiff for sprints, stable at speed, and compliant to avoid the road rattles, the Gallium provides an ideal ride experience, now the added stiffness of thru-axles and confidence of discs. Ideal for Those ready to make their mark at the Tuesday night crit or set tempo on the front of the group ride.
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