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Belize Tri-Rider Comfort Trike
The semi recumbent position of the Comfort trike provides a lower center of gravity for improved stability. The trike has an extra large seat pad together with a large backrest and a long frame and special handlebars. It really is a great trike for a big person and also can easily be modified to adjust for a smaller person with a 24-25" inseam. Specifications: 24" front wheel and 20" rear wheels. Overall length 71", width 30". Rear basket, 3 fenders, reflector kit, dual mirrors, bell, front and rear hand operated brakes and Shimano 6 speed index gears.
Hand powered front wheel drive. An internal hub-based gear shifting system is built into the front wheel.This provides ultra smooth shifting and is virtually maintenance-free. The entire front frame section is removable and connects easily, quickly and securely using a bolt-on system. The seat can be repositioned quickly and easily to allow the rider to achieve an optimally efficient distance between seat and handlebars. The rear wheels are removed using a single finger push system, allowing the bike to be broken down very quickly.
Belize 2Rider
2Rider is our unique 4 wheeled cycle. Much more than just a bicycle, it offers the special experience of truly sharing the ride with others. Great for keeping fit or just having fun with your friends or kids--no matter how you use it, it will change your life for the better. It's beneficial for both relationships and the environment, and makes the ideal rental bike for holiday areas too!
Belize Tri-Rider 16
Trike for older kids. Enjoy cycling without the need to balance. Comfortable adjustable seat. Backrest can be added. Adjustable handlebars. Rear coaster brake and front caliper brake, rear basket, 3 fenders, reflectors. Backrest with safety strap is optional for $64.95 as is a set of weighted, strapped pedals for $18. Dimensions: Seat post to steering stem: 20" Inseam (minimum): 20" (8" adjustment range) Overall length: 59"
Belize Tri-Rider 20
The top quality Tri-Rider folding adult tricycle offers comfort and convenience. The full size frame together with extra large adjustable height saddle with spring suspension and high and wide adjustable handlebars ensure smooth riding comfort. A large rear basket is included and an easily removeable front basket is an option. With the standard 6 speed transmission you can maintain a comfortable riding pace even if you encounter some uphills or downhills. The front brake is a powerful V-type and the rear has a reliable band brake. Both brakes have a convenient parking brake lock. Front and rear fenders are included with red reflectors on the back of the rear wheel fenders. Lightweight alloy wheels with stainless spokes will keep the trike looking good for many years. The Tri-Rider folding trike is the best choice for somebody looking for the practicality of storing a tricycle in a compact area.
Belize Tri-Rider 24
$688.99 - $689.99
The Deluxe adult 24” wheel size tricycle features a sloping frame with over-sized tubing and a low step-over. The list of equipment includes a 6 speed Shimano transmission with rear derailleur and twist shift, extra large and plush spring saddle with 3 inches of foam padding, alloy rims, comfortable handlebars, large rear basket, chrome fenders, powerful front V-brake and enclosed rear band brake, mirrors, bell, reflector kit. Minimum inseam length: 24" (10" adjustment range), overall length 64", width 30" plus hubcaps, weight 55 pounds.
Belize Tri-Rider 24
$724.99 - $784.99
Extra large saddle with springs, 24" wheel size, comfortable handlebars, large rear basket, front and rear fenders. Available in several versions. The most popular is the Shimano 6 speed twist shift but it also can be ordered as a 3 speed with coaster brake, as a single speed with rear coaster brake and front hand brake or as a single speed with front and rear hand brake. Minimum inseam length: 26" (8" adjustment range), overall length 64", width 30" plus hubcaps, height adjustable. Model #96243, red, blue or black, Shimano 6 speed with front v-brake and rear band brake, alloy rims, three fenders; Model #96403 in brilliant red or brilliant blue, coaster brake with internal three-speed, front v-brake, alloy rims, three fenders; Model #96242 in blue with front v-brake and rear coaster brake, three fenders; Model #96241 in blue with single speed and freewheel, front v-brake and rear band brake; three fenders;
Belize Tri-Rider Margay Special Needs Tricycle
Designed from the ground up with special needs in mind, the Margay is the perfect companion for children and young adults who have cerebral palsy (CP) or a related disability. Riding this bike promotes growth and learning through a healthy, fun and safe experience. It is a great choice for building up your child's self confidence, independence and mobility. Margay has been tried and loved by hundreds of kids and approved by many therapists over the past few years. It is designed to grow with your child - adjustable seat height and position will maintain a comfortable sitting position through the years. Features: • Fixed drive • Fenders & basket • Front parking brake • Foam covered adjustable handlebar • Rear steering assist with brake & parking lock • Platform weighted pedals with heel & toe straps • Large comfortable saddle with seat belt, side supports, back-rest and adjustable head-rest Dimensions: • Width 27" • Length 68" • Weight 75 pounds • Wheels 16" front, 20" rear • Adjustability 19"-28" inseam
Belize Twin Tri-Rider Tandem Trike
The high quality made in Taiwan tandem trike comes in either a vivid red color or brilliant blue. Features include high rise handlebars, heavily padded and sprung saddles, 24" front and rear wheels, large rear basket, front and rear fenders, reflector kit, front and rear hand operated brakes and a Shimano 6 speed thumb shift transmission for easy cruising. A great tandem for those who don't wish to balance.
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