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Timemore C2 Grinder
The Timemore C2 is a brilliant new addition to Timemore's line of hand coffee grinders. Lightweight and an increased capacity! The C2 is a brilliant addition to Timemore's line of coffee hand grinders. Some plastic components, including the internal body, keep cost down while making this grinder lightweight and increasing the capacity! Not to mention, the same excellent grind quality. With the same sharp steel burrs as in the Timemore Slim and Nano hand grinders, the same spring mechanism that locks the inner burr into position, and two ball bearings that hold the grind shaft in place, you're not losing even a little bit of grind quality. The well-designed handle connection gives this grinder an exceptionally precise grind and a smooth turning handle with every rotation. Lastly, the new and improved grounds bin is lined with aluminum for greater durability and a static free grinding experience.
Timemore Ice Dripper
With graduated markings on the adjustment dial for its precision flow valve and the ultra-fine metal mesh sieve at the bottom of its grinds container, the Timemore Ice Dripper allows you to experiment with different drip rates and grind sizes to perfect your cold drip recipe. Available in translucent black or white.
Timemore Little U French Press - White
A simple and modern take on the French Press, TIMEMORE's Small U French Press has everything you need. Made out of quality heat resistant glass with a fine mesh stainless steel filter, a protective plastic sleeve helps keep your coffee hot and stop you from burning your hand.
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