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XC Ski

Vauhti HF Skin Care Blue
For all snow types on cold conditions. It improves the glide and smoothness of your skin skis on cold and dry snow Size: 80ml Temperature Range: (-2C/-20C)
Vauhti Large Nylon Brush
A nylon brush for polishing liquid glide waxes.
Vauhti Pure One Glide Waxes, 60g
$28.99 - $33.99
PURE ONE glide waxes are based on high-quality hydrocarbon ingredients. Waxes are intended for recreational and active skiers as well as for base preparation and maintenance for racing. Temperature Ranges: -WET: +10/-1°C -MID: +2/-4°C -LD: +5/-10°C -COLD: +10/-1°C -POLAR: -2/-25°C -GRAPHITE: -2/-25°C
Vauhti Pure One Liquid Glide Waxes
$28.99 - $33.99
PURE ONE liquid glide waxes are based on the ingredients used in the racing paraf?ns and high-quality solvents, which give excellence performance and good durability to the product. PURE ONE liquid glide waxes are suitable for all snow conditions. On its best when used on top of liquid base wax. Size: 80ml Temperature Ranges: -WET: +10°C/-1°C -COLD: -2°C/-20°C -LD: +5°C/-10°C -MID: +2°C/-4°C
Vauhti Pure Skin Ski Clean & Care
Size: 80ml Vauhti Pure Skin Ski Clean and Care will improve the performance of skin skis. Any build of dirt, pollen, and grip wax will slow down skin skis and lead to icing problems. The gentle solvents will not damage the skin or cause accidental detachment of the skin. Leaves a treatment on the skin to reduce icing 80ml bottle can treat up to 12-20 pairs of skis Completely free of fluorine Shake well, spread on the skin, wipe clean
Salomon 1*12 Prolink Shift Plate
The PROLINK SHIFT Plate (PSP) fits our pre-drilled, five-hole skis. Mount the plate and slide in the PROLINK SHIFT RACE or PRO Classic binding.
Vauhti Glide Wax, 180 g
Cold: -1/-10ºC or 30/14°F A universal glide wax for all snow types at cold winter temperatures. Mid: 0/-5°C or 32/23°F A special product for new and damp snow. Polar: -8/-25°C or 18/-13°F A wide operating range, good wear resistance – an excellent choice for coarse substrate and creaky snow in cold winter days. Wet: +10/-1°C or 50/30°F Wet conditions and mild winter conditions. Glide waxes are made of high-quality hydrocarbons and they do not contain fluorocarbons. Waxes are excellent for basic glide waxing, base preparation and maintenance as well as a base wax for racing.
Salomon Escape Alu Junior Poles
$31.99 - $32.00
The ESCAPE ALUMINUM JR Pole is the lightweight, durable training pole that's been getting young skiers hooked on the sport for decades! Colour: Silver & Red.
Vauhti Pure One Liquid Glide Wax Base
Use liquid base primer regular bases to the new and stone grinded skis and from time to time during the season to get the most bene?t and wear resistance from the liquid glide waxes. Liquid base wax doesn’t need iron and can be used as a base for other liquid glide waxes and paraf?ns Liquid One base wax contains high quality non-?uorinated polyethylene waxes which makes a hard, dirt-resistant and wear-resistant coating on the ski base under the liquid glide waxes or traditional paraf?ns.
Rex Omega Touring Poles
A basic touring pole for occasional use with adjustable, biathlon type strap. Lengths 120-155 / 5 cm
Salomon Escape Alu Jr Poles
Available in 5cm increments ranging from 70cm to 130cm, it will be easy to find the perfect length of the Escape Alu Junior, whether your young skier wants to ski classic or skate.
Swix CH7X Violet Hydrocarbon Wax, 180 g
Hydrocarbonwax -2°C to -8°C. Good training wax, Easy to warm in,Good in dry conditions Temperature range from -2°C to -8°C (28°F to 18°F). Recommended iron temp: 140°C (284°F). A new and improved wax that performs great in normal winter conditions below the freezing point. Its hardness makes it convenient to work with and easy to get a good end-result. It is an economic training and racing wax as well as an all round base prep wax. The speed of the iron should be approx. 8-10 sec. on a skating or alpine ski. The wax can be re-heated after cooling to room temperature (10 min) for better durability. Important to have a good iron to get an efficient melting of the wax.
Salomon Skin Race Pomoca Replacement
Racing skin with focus on glide. The SkinRace exists in two different sizes covering all Salomon skin skis. · Optimum acceleration · Silent and safe grip · Lightweight
Vauhti HF Skin Ski Care
Liquid care product, which has been developed especially for maintenance of the skin strip of the skin skis. Effective, but gentle. Unique composition to improve the performance of the skin skis. It reduces build-up of impurities from the ski tracks to skin strips, and prevents the risk of icing of skin strips, thus maintaining and improving both grip and glide of the skin skis. The present composition does not comprise aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbon solvents as their presence even in small amounts could lead to detachment of the skin strip from the base of the ski. Size: 80ml
Salomon Prolink Access Junior Classic Bindings
The PROLINK ACCESS JUNIOR binding delivers secure performance. BENEFITS Lightweight Minimal lift, minimal material and simple mechanics keep the weight down. Snow feel Close to the snow platform lets you feel more of what is under your feet. Direct transmission PROLINK's two-rail system puts your power right next to the ski, for maximum transmission and feel.
Salomon SNS Access JR Bindings
Specially built to make it easy for kids to open and safe to close, the SNS Access Junior touring binding has an ergonomic lever. The SNS Profile one-rail system offers maximum control, and its extendable, full length guide ridge provides maximum control. Compatible with SNS Profil and SNS Pilot boots.
Swix Comfort Strap with Clip - Large
Cross country strap, Groomed trails, Touring, Easy to release, Comfortable strap, Strap for the Just Click handle. The Just Click strap offers the same shape as the «Pro Fit», but in a more soft and flexible material. Just Click allows you to easily release the pole without having to take off your gloves or straps.
Rotefella Basic Bindings
The Rottefella Basic is an easy to use, traditional screw-mount touring binding that will appeal to recreational off-trail skiers. The easy, hands-free click in/click out design provides a fast, foolproof method to attach your boots to your bindings. Wide heel piece for increased stability. 40 shore flex bit. NNN system suits light backcountry touring.
Fischer Twin Skin (Mohair Mix)
$64.99 - $84.99
Replacement skins for Fischer nordic skis. TWIN SKIN MOHAIR MIX with integrated climbing Twin Skin set. Material - Mohair blend. Mohair mix provides smooth and balanced gliding without grip wax. Teflon coating prevents ice build up. 410mm fits ski lengths of 182, 187 and 192cm. 450mm fits ski lengths of 197, 202 and 207cm.
Rotefella NIS Touring Auto Classic
Rottefella Touring Auto is the perfect binding for recreational skiing. It is easy in use, and gives you the support and balance you need, no matter what level you are skiing at. For use with NIS compatible skis only.
Vauhti Steel Brush
Vauhti's Steel Brush is a specified tool meant for opening up structure on bases that have been waxed with very hard, cold wax. This brush can also be used in very specific situations when working with Vauhti FC Liquid Wet to improve hydrophobicity.
Making sport fun: universal children's and youth binding. The lock mechanism enables convenient opening and closing by the skier. Tool-free setting and adjustment on the track through Clip Lock.
Fischer XC-Binding Control Step-In IFP
New TURNAMIC® Touring binding with very user-friendly entry mechanism and high skiing comfort with maximum stability and ski control. Individual adjustment possible in seconds and tool-free.
Fischer XC Race Classic IFP
New TURNAMIC® technology for more speed. The Race Pro Classic binding is optimized for the needs of the classic skiing technique. Adjustments are possible within a matter of seconds without tools.
Vauhti Clean & Glide 500ml
Vauhti Clean&Glide is an effective cleaning and maintenance agent for glide zones. It cleans the ski bases from dirt and maintains by creating a fluorinated wax coating on those. Always start a new waxing by cleaning the ski base with Clean&Glide. This improves the performance of the glide waxes since ski waxes and fluorocarbon coatings adsorbs only to clean ski base. At the same time mixing of the decelerating dirt with the new glide wax can be prevented.
Vauhti Skin Ski Care Kit
Welcome to the new revolution of skin skis - now take care of them. This Skin Ski Care Kit has what you need to care for and improve the performance of your skin skis. Use the cleaner to remove dirts and oils that you pick up on your long jaunts through the woods, then apply the HF Skin Care for incredible speed. Backcountry skiers and boarders take note, this stuff is amazing to improve the performance of your skins. Want to cover more ground and crush more vert? Then take care of your skins so they can take care of you.
Salomon Equipe 20
Lightweight Racing performance pole.
Woodcock Cycle Works Wax Pass
Purchase a Woodcock Cycleworks Wax Pass and receive 5 Basic Wax Service Packs for the price of 4! Pass does not expire. All upgrades to wax, base prep and ski tuning will have an additional fee.
Salomon Team Junior Profil Classic
The TEAM PROFIL JR is a first ski boot that will help kids have more fun. It has a warm, Thermic liner, and easy step in for kids. Junior Fit: Specific fit for kids and juniors, it puts no constraints on growing feet while being comfortable and warm. Thermic Liner: Increased warmth for kids in the toe area. Compatible with SNS Profil Jr Classic bindings.