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Blivet Quilo FLT Boots

Blivet Quilo FLT Boots
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Expected temperature: Up to -18 ° Celsius/ -4° Fahrenheit

Ladies and gentlemen.. Introducing the new, the one and only, the Quilo FLT!

The very new Quilo FLT, for those fat bikers who ride flat pedals. Not only does it have a newly designed outsole for maximum performance, grip and warmth it also comes in a brand new colorway.

WHY >>

Pedaling dynamics in the snow is key to good traction and power delivery to the pedals. When it comes to flat pedals we know that maximum contact between boot and pedal are key, we don't want the wrong position, we don't want the pins to get stuck between large threads. From now on, there is no need to ride in your summer riding shoes to get that perfect contact and delivery of power.


Once again with the help of our great partner Vibram ®, we choose the best outsole for the job. We also readdressed the compound choice to accommodate a flat pedal boot. We wanted it to be just like a summer shoe, nice and sticky. After extensive testing and achieving maximum grip, we were confident we had a winner.


The new FLT was designed with only 1 set of Kevlar reinforced laces supported by the amazing new ARC lacing technology which is pulley assisted lacing. The ARC lacing technology allows the boot to be tightened with greater strength without having to pull as hard. The laces travels smoothly from calf to toes, thanks to the power and smoothness of the pulley wheels.


The FLT will have to hold up against the sharpest pedal pins, so we covered the toe box area, the inside of the boot and the heel with a super strong rubber. All other inside and outside materials used for the construction of the new FLT were taken from its older sister, the clip-less Quilo.


The outer is comprised of sturdy synthetic leather panels with a matte finish. The internal materials were specifically chosen to eliminate as much moisture as possible. The inner most layer is a breathable material that dries quickly. Micro fleece at the top of the boot for comfort and the LISZT AIR "TOEBOX", a unique design to maximize comfort and keep the toes as warm as possible.

The Quilo series, the lightest boot in the industry and offers an excellent ''cold protection'' index rating. You will find 200g of Thinsulate 3M ™ insulation as well as a highly efficient Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) thermal wall. More comfortable to walk in with greater flexibility at the ankle were achieved by using a mix of soft and flexy Vibram ® outsole with an upper part made of durable but supple 600D fabric. With an overall height of 19cm from the ground you won't have to worry about snow getting in your boots.

The FLT is without a doubt, the one and only flat pedal winter cycling boot on the market.


Vibram sole® made of special "xs Trek" rubber and Eva insertion with high thermal resistance
3M Thinsulate insulation™ 200 g.
'LISZT AIR TOEBOX’’ with extra toe volume of 4 x EEEE+
ARC pully assisted lacing and quick lacing system with automatic locks
Heel loop for quick wearing with reflective strips
Multilayered, highly heat-resistant removable insole made of 70% wool
Waterproof synthetic leather and high durability 600 denier polyester exterior
Wide tightening strap at the calf
Compatible with every type of MTB pedal 2 bolts cleats on the market
Weight: 1138g. (In size 44, pair)
Sizes available: EURO 36 to 48


The Quilo FLT was exclusively designed for mountain bike flat pedals. Not compatible with automatic pedals (clipless)