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Parts and Components Clearance

1664 BMX Pivotal Stump Post
$27.19 $33.99 20% Savings
1664's Pivotal Stump Post adds the style you want to really make your bike shine. Made from aluminum and 135mm long, adds minimal weight to your setup. And it has a laser-etched 1664 logo on it.
$30.39 $37.99 20% Savings
Kenda Domestique Tubular
$32.99 $65.99 50% Savings
You've got to love the feel of tubulars, and Kenda's Domestique is hand-built with a 220tpi casing wrapped around an economical butyl inner tube. This makes it a perfect all-around training tire with the right balance of weight, ride quality and value.
Sunday Pivotal Seat Post
$35.99 $44.99 20% Savings
Sunday's Pivotal Seatpost uses a traditional straight-up pivotal design. It looks good in black, keeps your seat where you want it, and takes a beating — everything you need in a seatpost.
MICHELIN Pro3 Race (650 x 23)
$39.99 $79.99 50% Savings
The space-age technology showcased in the Pro3 Race tire is the result of many hours of testing and assessment by Tour De France racers. This super-light race tire features a supple casing for amazing road response and feel. It sports ultra-low rolling resistance and its puncture-resistant tread provides impressive durability as well. The Pro3 Race tire is a great way to soup up your road rocket whether you race or just enjoy effortless velocity.
Specialized Avatar Comp Gel Saddle
$69.99 $119.99 42% Savings
With its ergonomic design and gel padding, Specialized's Avatar Comp Gel is the perfect upgrade for more comfort on every ride. Specialized's Body Geometry technology takes the pressure away with a cutout, center channel and gel padding in all the right places. You'll also love the lightweight chromoly rails, the supportive, vibration-damping carbon-reinforced shell and weather-resistant Micromatrix top. And, it's available in 3 sizes so you get the perfect fit.
Specialized Toupé Comp Gel Saddle
$87.99 $109.99 20% Savings
Specialized's Toupé Comp Gel Saddle boasts Specialized's Body Geometry padding with gel inserts so it's perfect for even your longest rides. It boasts a light, water-resistant Micromatrix top and a stiff, carbon-reinforced shell for all-day riding comfort and efficiency. Plus, it has hollow-chromoly rails to minimize the weight and is available in three widths for a perfect fit.
Fizik Arione Tri 2 Carbon w/Kium Rails
$99.99 $199.99 50% Savings
Get the most out of the bike leg with Fizik's Arione Tri 2 Carbon. This top-notch saddle features Fizik's Wing and Twin Flex shell, which boosts pedaling efficiency by slightly flexing where your thighs meet the saddle and gives you a larger sweet spot for even pressure distribution. The Kium rails make this saddle nice and light, and add a touch of durability, too. Plus, the padding extends through the nose for impressive comfort even when you're tucked. Also, Fizik's smooth Microtex sides and seamless nose allow you to transition from the aerobars to the brakes with ease.
Surly Big Fat Larry (26
$109.99 $159.99 31% Savings
The Larry tread applied to a very large casing. This tire measures about 4.7? on a 100mm rim! What does this mean to you? Float, float, float, my friend. Traction, Jackson. Larry tread provides good grab and steering in a multitude of conditions. For those of you looking for the maximum in traction and floatation, you have just found the mother lode. Tire description: 26 x 4.7 inch Bead Seat Diameter: 559mm (fits rims 65–100mm wide) Casing: 120tpi with Kevlar bead (1400g)
Surly Larry Tire
$109.99 $159.99 31% Savings
Surly's Larry Tire has small knobs and a round profile at over three and a half inches wide. That means it will float on a variety of surfaces, whether firm or soft, and it steers very well. Lots of little dagger-shaped knobs bite the ground to keep you pointed the way you want.
Specialized Phenom Pro Saddle
$163.99 $204.99 20% Savings
Specialized's Phenom Pro is a World Cup-level off-road seat you'll love. Its generously padded nose lets you scale steep grades in comfort, while the rounded tail won't snag your shorts, and the scuff guards ward off damage in case you get a little too rowdy. The Phenom boasts Specialized's Body Geometry ergonomics. You also get a supportive, vibration-damping carbon-reinforced shell, a weather-resistant Micromatrix top and featherweight FACT-carbon rails. And, it's available in 3 widths so you get a perfect fit.
Specialized Toupe Pro Saddle
$163.99 $204.99 20% Savings
Specialized's Toupe Pro Saddle is perfect for those who are looking to shed some grams without sacrificing support and comfort. It features a compliant, vibration-damping carbon-reinforced shell and Specialized's Body Geometry technology for premium ergonomics and maximum comfort. It also boasts ultra-light foam padding and feathery, oversize FACT-carbon rails to keep the weight to an absolute minimum. What's more, the Toupe is available in three widths so you can get a perfect fit.
Specialized Toupé Pro Saddle
$163.99 $204.99 20% Savings
Specialized's Toupé Pro Saddle is perfect for those who are looking to shed some grams and enjoy support and comfort. It features a compliant, vibration-damping carbon-reinforced shell and Specialized's Body Geometry technology for premium ergonomics and maximum comfort. It also boasts ultra-light foam padding and feathery, oversize FACT-carbon rails to keep the weight to an absolute minimum. What's more, the Toupe is available in three widths so you get a perfect fit.
Mavic Ksyrium Black
$164.49 - $348.99 $328.99 - $697.98 Up To 50% Savings
“Amazing ride quality.” That’s how riders often describe their experience with Ksyrium wheels. Now we’ve made this versatile wheel system even better by improving the component that matters most: the rim. The box section rim extrusion and low spoke count produce a smooth and comfortable ride, and our patented ISM (Inter Spoke Milling) technology further reduces weight. Lighter weight means lower inertia, and that leads to easier climbing and faster acceleration. The bladed spokes are radially laced on the front wheel for improved lateral stiffness. On the rear, we use our exclusive Isopulse lacing pattern (radial on the drive side, crossed two on the non-drive side) to balance the spoke tension. A wider driveside bracing angle creates higher lateral stiffness under heavy loads such as climbing or sprinting. The rims are paired with our proven QRM bearings and axle system, which minimizes friction and ensures high durability with no service needed.
Specialized Romin Evo Pro Saddle
$179.99 - $224.99 $224.99 Up To 20% Savings
Keep it low and aero without sacrificing comfort. The carbon-railed, ultra lightweight Specialized Romin EVO Pro is a high-performance road saddle that's contoured to put you in a position for optimal power transfer and comfort as you put pressure on your competition. The Body Geometry channel is designed to maximize blood flow, while the saddle allows you to maintain comfort easily, even while in a competitive, more aerodynamic position. - Patented Body Geometry design is lab tested to assure blood flow to sensitive arteries. - Stiff, carbon-reinforced shell for longevity and all-day riding efficiency. - Super-light, PU padding for comfort and support on longer rides. - Ultra-light and strong, oversized FACT carbon rails. - Tough, lightweight, water resistant Micromatrix cover. - Level 2 padding: Medium density foam for bike feel with additional cushioning. - SWAT compatible mounts molded into the saddle base allow for sleek and integrated storage solutions.
Fizik Antares R3 w/Braided Carbon Rails
$199.99 $289.99 31% Savings
Fizik's Antares R3 saddle continues the company's tradition of saddle-making excellence. The Wing Flex shell moves with the rider's pedal stroke, offering unmatched comfort and an exceptional fit. The feathery carbon rails keep the overall weight down, and damp road and trail vibration. And, as always, it boasts the features and quality you expect from a Fizik: a Microtex cover with efficiency-enhancing thigh glides, and supportive, comfortable padding for on-the-road comfort.
ISM Adamo Racing II Saddle
$199.99 $249.99 20% Savings
The Adamo Racing II Saddle is ISM's original and still most-popular seat for triathletes and time trialists. This unique seat has a split-nose design with a large cutaway to eliminate pressure and increase your pedaling efficiency. And it has light foam and gel padding for comfort and long titanium rails for weight savings, vibration damping and plenty of fore/aft seat adjustment. You also get a spot for hooking the seat on the bike rack during triathlon transitions and this fine seat meets or exceeds the rules of road racing and triathlon too.
Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon Disc Wheels
$374.49 - $798.99 $748.99 - $1,597.98 Up To 50% Savings
The disc version of the racer-favorite Cosmic Carbon features 45mm deep, 25mm wide rims and weighs only 1770g. It’s the perfect balance of light weight, stiffness and aerodynamics, and is built on the same qualities that made our Cosmic Pro Carbon successful. The carbon/alloy hybrid rims provide the best of both materials: carbon for its stiffness, lightweight and ability to be aerodynamically shaped; and alloy for its simplicity and durability. But we did more than just add disc brake compatibility. The rim shape is specifically designed for disc brakes, eliminating the brake track to optimize carbon’s characteristics. It’s laced with 24 aerodynamic spokes front and rear on the fast-engagement Instant Drive 360 hub system.
DT Swiss DT Swiss 1750/N'duro Wheelset
$524.99 $1,049.99 50% Savings
One of the most proven wheels on the DH world cup circuit and on the trail, the EX 1750 wheel set combines the proven reliability of the Ratchet System® hub with our wide all mountain / enduro aluminum rims along with bladed aero spokes to create the perfect wheel set. At only 1758 g, the EX 1750 will last for years in the mountain with all day riding expeditions or bike park riding alike.
Roval Control 29 Carbon Wheels
$1,199.99 $1,499.99 20% Savings
One ride on a set of Roval's Control Carbon 29 wheels and you'll see what the hype around carbon wheels is all about. Stiffer, lighter, faster; what's not to love? This 1580 gram wheelset uses DT Swiss Revolution spokes and locking DT Swiss nipples laced to a 27mm-wide carbon rim. DT Swiss hub internals are always ready whenever you need to put the power down, and the 15mm/20mm/QR front hub and 135mm/142mm rear hub axle compatibly makes it easy to upgrade any bike.
Roval Rapide CLX 40 Disc Tubular Wheelset
$1,199.99 $1,998.99 40% Savings
Roval's Rapide CLX 40 Disc Tubular Wheelset is lightning fast for road or cyclocross riding. They feature 40mm-tall aero rims, DT Swiss Revolution straight-pull spokes laced to ceramic-bearing Roval hubs with DT Swiss internals. The wide, carbon rim provides a round tire profile and greater lateral stiffness for precise handling, while disc-ready Center Lock hubs give you incredible braking power. This 1340 gram wheelset spins up with ease so you can bolt out of corners and breeze up the climbs. With your favorite tubular tires, these wheels roll as smooth as silk.
PowerTap G3 46 Carbon Clincher Wheelset
$1,699.99 $2,499.99 32% Savings
Train and race smart with PowerTap's G3 46 Carbon Clincher Wheelset monitoring your important data, like watts, speed, distance and time. These aero hoops also cheats the wind for free speed. They have 46mm-deep Reynolds-manufactured carbon rims and are laced with DT Swiss Competition spokes. Plus, the light, durable PowerTap G3 aluminum rear hub measures watts for objective training so you can tailor workouts and track progress. The Ant+ wireless transmission sends your critical training information to any Ant+-compatible head unit (sold separately). PowerTap readings are accurate to within +/-1.5%.
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